Courses Overview

 Our Multi-Course package is tailored to giving new and experienced traders a professional education on how to invest in the Forex, Crypto, Commodities, and stock markets successfully. Our courses cover the essential mechanics behind how the markets are analysed, traded, and used by professional traders to profit from macroeconomics and political trends in the markets.  






































Courses Covered In The Multi-Course Package ​

  1. Forex Video Course - Investing in currencies

  2. Stock Market Video Course - Investing In Stock Markets

  3. Commodity Trading Video Course - Investing in Commodities such as Oil and Gold + Commodity Currencies

Course Benefits Include

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Recorded video material

Lifetime Access To Our Online Video Courses. 

12 months free membership

Enjoy FREE Signals, Weekly Webinars, Live Trading Sessions Via Zoom , Daily Video Updates On The Live Markets. 

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Telegram Group Chats

You will be added to our Students Telegram Group Chats To Communicate and trade alongside our members.

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Live support team

Our Live Support Team Is Available To Answer Any of Your Questions During Your FREE 12 Month Membership

Who is This Course For?

This course is suitable for anyone, regardless of their level of experience and education in the area of investing. The course structure is designed to provide our students with a framework that will enable them to complete the course with ongoing support from our free 12-month membership package that includes our mentoring program, live membership support team, weekly webinars, live market trading sessions, Daily video updates on markets in our analyst channel, plus live market Signals.

1.) Recorded Video Courses - Enables you to watch back the course in your own time, to go over every detail covered in the multi-course package. ( Lifetime Access )
2.) Live Support Team - Provides our students with the security that someone is available to answer any of your questions throughout your 12-month membership. Organize one-to-one calls or zoom sessions.

3.) Weekly Webinars - Each week we provide webinars covering certain topics. This can range from webinars going through the live markets, investment opportunities, to topics that cover specific areas of the multi-course package. We also encourage our members to put forward idea's for webinars that can help them with certain areas in their trading.

4.) Analyst & Signals Channels - You will have access to our live analysts and signals channel to see in real-time how we identify trading opportunities. Our students will get live coverage of the markets with detailed videos and written descriptions explaining economic data, political events, investment opportunities, and more. This will enable our students to follow our strategies and learn how to identify and implement what is taught in our multi-course package.

5.) Live Market Trading Sessions - Each week we will have live market trading sessions via Zoom. This is great for us analyzing market trends and interacting with our members to share trade idea's for recommended currencies, indices, commodities and crypto our members are interested in trading or analysing.

Where Do I Access The Course?

Once you have purchased the multi-course, you will have full access to all the video material and downloads in the members' area of this website.

You will then be guided by our sales team onto Telegram to be added to our signals and analyst members' channels, including integration into your group chat.

You will then be greeted by our live support team that will also be available to answer your questions.


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