Becoming A Millionaire Using Compounding Strategies

Live Trading Workshop  

On Saturday February 26th 2022, Kayan will be teaching the powerful strategies of compounding, through investing in the U.S Stock market and re-investing the annual returns to turn $1,000.00 into $1,000,000.00 within the next 12 years. The historical returns of the U.S Stock market over the past 12 years has averaged 53% per year, resulting in the likes of Warren Buffet suggesting the average investor should simply buy the S&P500 Index over extended periods of time to become extremely wealthy. 

Kayan will be helping you learn why the U.S stock market has been rising for over 140 years, as the U.S economy has continued to grow year after year. This has resulted in the wealthy putting their money into the stock markets to build extreme wealth for their families. However, sadly, the average person, due to lack of knowledge has been unable to participate in the stock market's extremely strong advance. 

However, Kayan will be teaching you how to simply buy the index of a U.S stock market, which essentially means you buy a piece of all the 500 biggest companies in the U.S, a simple bet on the U.S economy to continue to grow as companies continue to grow their earnings, as they have done so for the past 140 years since data tracks the U.S stock markets.


You will learn how central banks and governments are politically motivated to keep stock markets rising as the pension wealth of their citizens is invested in the stock markets. Hence why whenever stock markets fall throughout history, governments and central banks pump trillions of dollars to artificially push stock prices back higher, to maintain the wealth of their citizens. As an investor, you are protected by this guarantee that governments and central banks will do whatever's necessary to keep markets rising in value to maintain economic growth. 


Kayan will be helping you learn how after year 12, as long as markets continue to perform as they have been for the past 12 years, you can retire and live off the interest paid to you from the S&P500 index's annual returns. This is the secret of the rich you will be learning.


Easy To Learn

Kayan has broken down this short course so it's understandable to the average person that has no previous knowledge of investing in markets.

After the one-day course event, you will have access to the Video course Kayan has created covering the content taught on the one-day workshop. You will also get 12 months of personal mentoring from Kayan, alongside 12 months of access to his membership service, which allows you to trade alongside Kayan to learn what's taught on the course.


The aftercare package is designed to give his course students the support needed to feel safe and confident when implementing whats taught on the course.


Kayan will show you everything from opening a trading account, placing trades, managing risk so your investment is 100% protected from losses, so you are guaranteed not to lose your entire investment. 


There will be a chartered accountancy firm attending the workshop to help give you knowledge on how to set up a limited company to use the shelter of a company structure to protect your investment returns from high personal income taxes.


As Kayan trades multiple markets, from Crypto, Forex, Commodities to Bonds, you will also have access to Kayan's Multi-Course Video package during your 12 month mentoring aftercare package.

  1. Stock Market Index Video Course

  2. Forex Video Course

  3. Commodities Video Course

  4. Crypto Video Course  

Saturday 26th February 2022 

Course Times ( Time Zone GMT+1 )

Morning Class 10am - 6pm  


Hilton Doubletree Hotel, Isington, 60 Pentonville Rd, London N1 9LA

Course Benefits Include

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Recorded video material

Lifetime Access To Our Online Video Courses. 

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12 months free membership

Trade Alongside Kayan with Live Trading Sessions Via Zoom , Daily Video Updates On The Live Markets, Live Support Team. 

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12 Months Mentoring

You will have direct mentoring from Kayan during your 12 months aftercare package.

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Live support team

Our Dedicated Live Support Team Is Available To Answer Any of Your Questions During Your FREE 12 Month Membership

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