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Live Forex Trading Workshop  


Live Workshop Schedule Breakdown 

Saturday 21st Jan 2023

Start Time 10am 

Break Time 11:30am

Sunday 22nd Jan 2023

Start Time 10am 

Break Time 11:30am

Lunch Time 12:30pm

Second Class 1:30pm

Break Time 3:00pm

Finish 5:00pm

Lunch Time 12:30pm

Second Class 1:30pm

Break Time 3:00pm

Finish 5:00pm

What's Will I Be Learning In The Forex Course?

1. Forex Video Course + Short Commodities Course

What you will get in our live forex workshop course

  • Kayan will go through the entire online Forex & commodities video course covering all 33 videos in depth.

  • Kayan will go through his strategies using excel spreadsheets and live examples.

Forex Course Schedule 

Day 1 

  1. Introduction 

  2. Exchange Rates

  3. Forex Market Infrastructure

  4. Tradable Currencies

  5. What Drives Exchange Rates

  6. Central Banks & Money Supply

  7. Bond Yields

  8. Leading Economic Indicators ( Key Data Releases Measuring The Economy )

  9. Consumer Confidence

  10. Government Bond Yields

  11. Government Spending

  12. Inflation Indicators

  13. Crude Oil Prices & Inflation

  14. Markets Interest Rate Expectations

  15. Interbank Rates & 2 Year Bond Yield

  16. Employment Data

  17. Rounding up The Data

  18. Countries' Key Trading Partners


  1. Generating Trade Idea’s

  2. GDP Growth

  3. COT Report

  4. Technical Analysis Strategies

  5. Volatility Data

  6. Risk Management Planning and Execution

  7. Managing Open Trades

  8. Stock Market Returns

  9. Order Types ( Placing Trades )

  10. Units, Lots, Profit and Loss

  11. Pips, Points and Percentages

  12. Central Bank Publications

  13. Safe Haven Currencies

  14. Economic Calendar

  15. Downloading Data

  16. Commodities Currencies 

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Your Aftercare Package 

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Telegram Community Access

  • Community Channel Access 

  • Analyst Channel ( Live Market Updates )

  • Trades Set Ups Channel ( Kayan Shares His Trades )

  • Weekly Educational Webinars 

  • Live Online Trading Session Going Over Key Fundamental Events 

Lifetime Access To Our Online Forex Video Course Covering Everything Taught Over The Two Day Live Workshop

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